Final Reflections



Readers, as the semester draws to a close, I must sum up my LIS 6010 learning experience:


I’ve gained knowledge of the foundation of this profession.  I was exposed to past and current trends in the field.  We discussed and debated ethical issues and professional responsibilities.  Our lectures and readings covered social and technical issues relating specifically to the profession and libraries in general.  Our exposure to LIS literature was voluminous and immediate as in the just released Pew report that I discussed in my last post. 

The LIS leader assignment led to memorable online discussions of traditional and contemporary figures in the field.  I will always be thankful for the kind reception and invaluable information I received from librarians during library visits and telephone interviews.  I appreciated your candor even when the realities of the issues were difficult to hear.  I am moving forward in this educational quest better informed due to this real world exposure.  I have also benefitted from my classmates experiences which they so generously shared throughout the semester.  My understanding of the role, functions, and expectations of library professionals has deepened.  For those in the field (professionals and support workers) facing challenges; weathering tough times; forging ahead, you have my utmost respect and appreciation.

This was a challenging first semester.  Blogging went against my grain, but I imagined myself talking to friends. Thanks, WSU community, family, friends, and general well-wishers for your support.  Readers, I will have a few days between semesters, oh how I am looking forward to reading a good (just for fun) novel. What will I choose?  Mystery? Romance? Thriller? Aah, so many choices, so little time.  Read on!





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