Blurred Files

Blurred Files

Blurred Files: Mid Semester Analysis and Reflections

Dear Readers, as the title indicates, the semester is half-way over; at times it was a case of information overload, so fast it was a blur.
After a good start, I suffered a setback. This week was the worst of my academic quest thus far. I have taken a few days before writing this post to mentally recover from my (technical blunder in my other LIS class) so that I could file it away as a lesson learned, and move forward.
My hesitation to divulge my humiliation is consistent with my belief that it is unwise to overshare. I mentioned this in an earlier post and I still feel the same. I am an amiable person, gregarious at times, but still leery of public forums even as I grow increasingly aware of potential benefits. I respect others privacy as well, a belief held in high regard in the library profession and supported by the ALA code of ethics.*

A recent assignment highlighting leadership traits in LIS required the class to choose a pioneer or someone who made significant contribution to the LIS field. While many chose well known LIS pioneers, I chose a recent retiree who is still leading as a volunteer and outreach service proponent. I decided not to list her age because I felt that was unnecessary to make my points; it also seemed invasive to dig for personal information that was implied, but not specified in biographical information attached to resources about her contributions. Pushed for time due to assignments from my other classes, I did not give my best effort, which is not reflective of my esteem for Ms. Kathleen Mayo.

There was a moment during my leadership research online in which I followed a link to a professional business profile site. I would have retrieved more personal details from that site, after a second of hesitation, the site asked me to sign up to post my own professional profile; I declined. I am not ready for the exposure. It seems premature, yet I have stepped outside my comfort zone to share information on this blog.

When I look back over the journal entries, I do see two areas in which I seem most at ease: When I take on the readers’ advisory role; also in a couple of attempts at creativity as in the “opening the blinds” and the “sexy turtle” photos. Hesitation aside, I hope all who happen to read my posts, are assured above all, that I am sincere.

It is time for spring break. I am going to give my eyes a rest as I listen to an entertaining book on tape, a great traveling companion. Thanks for reading!

*We protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted. (Section III)

Retrieved from: Code of Ethics of the American Library Association | Advocacy, Legislation & Issues. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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