A Forward Glance

Hello Readers, The Portable MLIS: Insights from the Experts by Ken Haycock and Brooke E. Sheldon serves as our LIS6010 course textbook; I have placed it with a globe to illustrate the vast range of this degree and my understanding that possibilities for professional success may lie beyond my neck of the woods.

This week, we are exploring professional associations of interest. The first association that I have chosen is one that represents a division of the American Library Association, the oldest library association in the world; the division I am referring to is the Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA). First, membership in ALA is required. There is a student membership rate of $34.00 which includes a joint membership with ALA chapters in some states. For professional librarians the rate is currently listed as $133.00. First and second year librarians pay a subsidized rate of $63. To join ASCLA, a fee of $51.00 is required of professionals or $20 for students.
The ALA has numerous publications including American Libraries. An e-newsletter is available for members of ASCLA called Interface. ASCLA also offers other publications. Of particular interest to me is Library Services to the Sandwich Generation and Serial Caregivers by Linda Lucas Walling, it is currently listed as $18.00 for ASCLA members.

The mission of ASCLA “enhances the effectiveness of library service by advocating for and providing high quality networking, enrichment and educational opportunities for its diverse members, who represent state library agencies, libraries serving special populations, library cooperatives, and library consultants.”

My interest in this division of ALA manifested after some primary research for upcoming class assignment on leaders in our field with interests similar to mine. While I anticipate working in a traditional library setting, this organization may expose other opportunities. Also with my leanings toward outreach (OLOS) the Office for Literacy and Outreach Services may offer more possibilities with a focus on underrepresented groups. OLOS offers an Outreach Columns Blog, roundtables, events, and OLOS Toolkits including Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ Your Library.

Finally, I am including an organization beyond my LIS focus because of my interest in gerontology. The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) is “the nation’s oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education, and practice in the field of aging…its purpose is to advance the study of aging and disseminate information among scientists, decision makers, and the general public.”
There is an annual regular membership fee of $160.00, for students the fee is $75.00. Online subscriptions to two journals are included, with additional fees for access to other prominent publications. The Gerontologist and Public Policy on Aging Report are two such publications.



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